Timberlands Pacific – Timber Bridge Replacement Program

Putting Giraffe Civil Contracting’s experience, civil engineering and forestry knowledge, we have built a great relationship with Timberlands Pacific in the removal of old timber bridges to then fabricate and install new counter levered concrete bridges designed by Giraffe Civil Contracting, certified by Dale Luck & Associates. Timberlands have replaced over 12 expired timber bridgesContinue reading “Timberlands Pacific – Timber Bridge Replacement Program”

Delamere, Northern Territory

Giraffe Civil Contracting were involved in the new development and upgrades program for the RAAF Delamere Air Weapons Firing Range in the Northern Territory. Undertaking approximately 56kms of bush clearing and fire break establishment using our Mitsubishi MG460 Grader around the boundary of the Range. Teaming up with David Gibbons from Hardy Fencing from AliceContinue reading “Delamere, Northern Territory”


“In the prestige suburb of Prospect Vale, tucked behind the Italian Club off Westbury Road, and safely positioned behind a remote access boom-gate, lies a hidden paradise. Away from traffic, away from the noise and bustle of modern life, most would not even know this wonderful, relaxing haven of Luana Villas even exists!” Giraffe CivilContinue reading “LUANA VILLAS”