Timberlands – Eastern Creek Road Causeway

Continuing our great relationship with Timberlands Pacific, we were asked to undertake the project of upgrading and repairing a major river crossing on Eastern Creek Road, Scamander.

Combining Giraffe Civil and Brett Carlson Building ‘s experience our first step was to create stable footings to be then tied into the above concrete slab to add strength and also to prevent any undermining wash outs of the causeway.



Tas Irrigation’s Pipeline – Camden Hill

Giraffe Civil Contracting working under VEC Civil Engineering won the tenders to de-stump approx. 8kms of old growth & plantation. with also picking up other work along the way, with Access roads to pump stations, turbines etc. all roads meeting Forest Practice Codes with drainage and gradient requirements.

Pictures below:

  • East Diddleum Access road to one of the pump stations
  • De-Stumping 700L/m of plantation.


Bio-Solid Removal – TasWater

Giraffe Civil Contracting have been awarded numerous contracts from TasWater to handle and remove Bio-Soilds from sewerage lagoons around Tasmania. From Liquid form to semi-solid form using our Environmental Licences/Permits to transport the material to licenced agricultural grounds around Tasmania.

Seen below is our 30,000L Vacuum Semi-Tanker to remove and transport bio-soilds

Bridport Old Pier Beach Erosion Control

Giraffe Civil Contracting was awarded the tender to stop the ocean eroding the picnic area bank at the Old Pier Beach at Bridport. Looking at a few options to control this with retaining walls, rocks etc.

We decided to install Geotextile Sand Bags supplied by GeoTas which are specifically designed and manufactured nonwoven, needle punched, staple fibre geotextile. Enhanced filtration combined with resistance to puncture, abrasion and UV make these ideal for use in coastal applications providing maximum durability in harsh conditions. These can be filled with sand, soil, gravel or a combination of all three materials.